Who We Are

Northwest Chorale is a group of civic-minded individuals who enjoy gathering to rehearse and perform great works of music. The Chorale currently consists of over 60 singers from the greater Seattle area. Members come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common – a love of music.

The Chorale presents two concerts a year: during the Christmas season and in the late spring. Handel's Messiah alternates every other Christmas with a concert of varied choral works of the season (the Chorale will next present Messiah in December of 2015); spring concerts are most often choral masterworks by Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mendelssohn, or other major composers.

From its inception, the mission of Northwest Chorale has been to use music to feed those in need. With a twist on an old saying, "we sing for their supper", the Chorale uses its concerts to help feed the hungry in Seattle and the greater metropolitan area.

"In the Pacific Northwest we are blessed with wonderful orchestral, choral, and chamber groups not well known on the national stage. Each year, so much fine music is available to everyone, and Northwest Chorale must be considered near the top in performance. Their spirited voices excel in a variety of repertoire, and I have deeply enjoyed each concert I have attended."
Philip Haldeman, American Record Guide (1996-2006)

The Northwest Chorale was originally founded in 1978 by Director Lynn Hall under the name A Musical Offering. The name was changed to Messiah for Relief after the Chorale began performing Handel's Messiah to raise money for those in need in the Seattle area. Handel himself set the example of giving back to the community by conducting Messiah 54 times in his lifetime to benefit the Children's Foundling Hospital of London. In this same spirit, the Chorale decided to present its concerts to help feed the hungry in Seattle.

As the chorale grew and its repertoire expanded beyond Messiah, the name was changed, first to Northwest Community Chorale, and then to simply Northwest Chorale to reflect the changing nature of the group. Over the years, the Chorale has presented major works by Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Verdi, Poulenc, Britten, Rutter, and other major composers, and in spring, 2013, presented it's first mostly secular concert consisting of a wide range of familiar ballads and Broadway tunes.

The Northwest Chorale now performs twice yearly, with Handel's Messiah alternating every other year with other works at Christmas, and other major works in the spring. The purpose of the Chorale is still the same — to feed those in need. All of the proceeds from our concerts are donated to Seattle area food banks.